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Thursday, June 30, 2011

How did I become interested in genealogy and, in particular, the West family?

I have always been interested in genealogy but never had time for it until I retired.  However, my retirement in 2005 brought added responsibilities as I became the care-giver for both of my parents who were suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.  When both of my parents died of that dreaded disease, within four days of each other in June 2007, I suddenly felt the need to recapture my family even if it were through genealogy.

Initially, I planned to research all eight lineages—the Wests, the McNeils, the McQueens, the Morelands, the Hugheses, the Honeycutts, the Hoilmans, and the Canipes.  What a task!  Gradually, because I knew so little about the West family, I became drawn to them with a desire to learn all I could about them.  So, here I am, totally engrossed in the study and research of the West ancestors of Thomas Harvey West.  Once I "capture" this family, I’m sure that I will move on to the next one.