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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Resurgence of Edy

A while back, I thought I had put Edy to rest. However, she has reappeared, and I am happy about that!
As many of you recall from my blog of March 10, 2015, that I created a Facebook site named the Descendants of Alexander West, born c1730.  It is a closed group which is open only to those descending from Alexander or from his presumed father, John West.  Recently, I was pleased to add a member to the group who descends from my Alexander and his presumed daughter, Edith “Edy” West, who married Archibald Fowler.

I have previously written two posts about Edy: “In Pursuit of Edy,” posted February 28, 2012, and “Finding Edy,” posted January 12, 2013.  And now, here’s another one!
I am very thankful to my blog reader, Anne, who descends from Edy and Archibald through their daughter, Luna “Lucy” Fowler who married Tilmon Miller.  Anne provided some information from Mrs. Allie Everhart-Miller, who published Everhart-Miller and Allied Families, in 1931.  In her book Mrs. Allie Everhart-Miller indicated that Edy’s father was Alexander West, Jr.  She also stated that his father, Alexander West, Sr., was thought to have come from North Carolina.  She also stated that Alexander West, Jr. had five children—Edith, Phoebe, Polly, Isaac, and William.

However, when Mrs. Everhart-Miller published her book in 1931, she must not have been aware that quite a few Alexander Wests existed:

·        Alexander West, b c1730 and unknown spouse; the presumed son of John West and Mary Madden

·        Alexander West, 1751-1834, who married Hannah Langley; son of Alexander West born c1730

·        Alexander West, 1783-1864, who married Patience L. Allen; son of Alexander West and Hannah Langley

·        Alexander West, 1776-1860, who married Sarah Hawkins (1773-1839); son of Solomon West and Isabella Boyd. Solomon is the presumed son of John West and Mary Madden and the brother of Alexander West, born c1730.

·        Alexander Balus West, 1828-1864, who married Nancy Land; the great grandson of Alexander West, born c1730.

·        Alexander West, 1844-1919, who married Sarah Jane Brazeal; the grandson of Alexander West and Patience L. Allen.

·        Alexander T. West, 1892-1917, unknown spouse; the 3rd great grandson of Alexander West, born c1730.
Another aspect that must be considered is Edy’s birth year.  She was born about 1772 and married about 1790.  Her spouse, Archibald Fowler, was born about 1758.  Their first child was born in 1791.  Furthermore, she would have been too old to have been the daughter of the Alexanders born in 1776, 1783, 1828, 1844, and 1892.

Based on her birth year, she could have feasibly been the daughter of Alexander West, born in 1751, who was the son of Alexander West, born c1730.  However, this Alexander married Hannah Langley in 1777 and has a well-documented Revolutionary War pension file naming his children—Bethian Beulah West, Margaret West, Alexander West, Elizabeth West, Thomas Jefferson West, and Mary West.  These children were born between 1779 and 1791.  Edith “Edy” is not listed as one of his children in his pension documents.  In reality, she was most likely the sister of Alexander West, born in 1751.
Mrs. Everhart-Miller stated that Edy’ father, Alexander, had, in addition to Edith, children named Phoebe, Polly, Isaac, and William.  I cannot place these children with any of the Alexander Wests that I have previously listed.  Alexander West, born c1730, may have had a son named William who died in 1812, but this is definitely speculation.  The only Phoebe West, about whom I’m aware, was the daughter of Isaac West and Susanna Anderson. Their daughter, Phoebe, was born in 1770 and died in 1868.  She married Isaac Green in 1795.  Isaac West and Susanna Anderson also had a son named Isaac (1776-1864) who married Hanna Russell.  Isaac was a very common name among the early Wests and may have been a name that was passed down with respectful recognition of Isaac West, the presumed brother of Alexander and Solomon. 
I tend to think that Mrs. Everhart-Miller’s information about the children is incorrect and that she has not correctly identified the Alexander who was the father of Edith.  Again, we must remember that much more information is presently available to us than would have been available to her when she was conducting her research. According to, Mrs. Everhart-Miller conducted her research for her book between 1923 and 1931.
Therefore, I conclude with a greater degree of confidence that Edith “Edy” West was the daughter of Alexander West, born about 1730.  Perhaps, we have found our Edy!