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Friday, June 8, 2012

James Larkin Pearson’s Poem, “My Love Lies Still, Lies Silent”

On April 11, 2012, Ashtyn added a comment to my December 13, 2011, post “North Carolina Author: James Larkin Pearson (1879-1981).”  In that comment she expressed an interest in finding the poem, “My Love Lies Still, Lies Silent,” which Pearson wrote after the death of his beloved, first wife Cora Ann Elizabeth Wallace.   I was able to obtain a copy of this poem from Christy Earp, the director of the Pardue Library at Wilkes Community College, and today received permission from Ms. Earp to post this poem in my blog.   Ashtyn, this is for you and others who love Pearson’s poetry!

      My Love Lies Still, Lies Silent
In Memory of Cora Wallace Pearson

My love lies still, lies silent;
She sleeps the longest while.
She does not wake at morning;
She does not speak nor smile.

Her lips are pale as lilies
Grown in some shadow’d place,
And something more than beauty
Lies on her sleeping face.

Her eyes, sealed fast with kisses,
See not the dark nor dawn,
And from her ears forever
The sounds of earth are gone.

My love does not remember;
She does not understand
How long I will be waiting
In such a lonely land.

                James Larkin Pearson


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