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Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Anniversary of The Wests of Wilkes

Yesterday, June 30, 2012, marked the first anniversary of this blog, The Wests of Wilkes.  One year ago on that date, I embarked on this literary (?) journey in order to share my findings about my West family and preserve that information for posterity.  Albeit, some of the information may change over time as new data and facts are discovered.
Thanks to you, my readers, who take the time to share this journey and thanks for the comments that some of you have contributed.  As of today, the statistics indicate that I have four followers (those who have registered as followers) and have had 3,056 “hits” over this past year.  This figure indicates that many more people than just my four followers are accessing and/or reading the blog.   By countries, the breakdown of those “hits” is as follows:  United States, 2,390; Russia, 105; United Kingdom, 72; Netherlands, 69; Germany, 57; Ukraine, 41; France, 28; Japan, 27; Latvia, 21; and India, 15.
Again, thank you, for your interest and your readership.  I continue to solicit your comments, additional information, corrections, and specific areas of interest.


  1. Hello Charlotte. You've done a great job with site

    Glenn Land ( cousin )

  2. Thanks, Glenn, for your nice comment. Stay in touch.
    Cousin Charlotte


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