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Friday, July 12, 2013

Calling All West Descendants!

Now is a perfect time to participate in DNA testing. 

A couple of years ago I took Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder test which matches one with “cousins” who have also participated in the test.  Presently, I have matched with several West-related cousins and confirmed our matches with them by using what is called “the paper trail.”  These matches are connected to my West families:  Land-Isbell, Ferguson, Carlton-Land, McNeil, and Triplett.  Sadly, I have found no matches with the West surname or any matches who have the name West name among their collateral surnames.
What is wrong? 
Even though Family Tree DNA has one of the largest databases for genealogical genetic study, either no Wests, who are related to my West lineage, are in Family Tree DNA’s database or those West indivudals and I do not share enough common DNA to be considered a match.  My conclusion is that we need more Wests in FTDNA’s database!
Now is the time for those who are interested to be tested.  Family Tree DNA is currently sponsoring a fabulous sale on its products.  This sale, which will end on July 26, 2013, is the best one yet.  Several types of testing are available.  I have had the most success with Family Finder which matches one with “cousins” from both the paternal and maternal sides of one’s family.  Currently Family Finder is on sale for $99, a fantastic price.  When I purchased mine, it was on sale at that time for $199.  The current price of $99 is one-half that sale price.  Family Tree DNA tests are for genealogical purposes only, not medical purposes.
You may find out more at
Think about it!  I hope to find you among my matches!


  1. Hi Charlotte, I have taken the Family Finder test but I am not a match to you. It could be too far back to be detectable. I am a match to Karen Parker though who maintains the West-Parker family website.
    We are from Allen Russell West who is believed to be from Solomon West and Catherine Criscillis. I have many matches with West in their surnames. I plan to get my paternal grandfather tested soon and he might be a match to you if we are in fact from the same line. Thanks. Ginger Smith

  2. Ginger,

    Thanks for your comment and information. I wish that we could have been a DNA match. I am familiar with Karen's work, and we have been in touch. She sent me a great deal of information. However, both of us agreed that we are not related.

    When I discovered Blodwen West Boyle's work, "Isaac West's Family of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Dickson County, Tennessee," I was sure that I had discovered my West connection. It appeared that Issac West and Solomon West were brothers of Alexander West. It was after this discovery that Karen and I communicated. As well as I remember, I think that her West line and your West line descend from Isaac West.

    In order to get a better understanding of my efforts and frustrations in trying connect my Alexander West with other West families, please see my blogs dated July 8, 2011, and July 12, 2011.

    Thanks so much for your interest and input.


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