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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Are You Related to a Famous North Carolina Author?

Did you know that you may be related to one or more famous North Carolina authors?  That’s right!  If you are a descendant of the William Thomas Land family, the Larkin McNeil family, or the Alexander West I family of North Carolina, you need to read this blog.  In the next few posts, I plan to explore with my readers those authors with whom I am familiar. 
Originally, I planned to write in one blog post about the four that I have specifically identified. Those of you who follow me know how “long-winded” I am.   My husband and daughter tell me that I need to make my posts shorter!  As I began to write about these men, I realized that such a blog post would be entirely too long, even according to my standards.   Therefore, I have decided to write about them in separate posts. 
Just to give you a “heads-up,” I will be writing about Thomas Charles Land, the author of “The Ballad of Tom Dula,” James Larkin Pearson, the second Poet Laureate of North Carolina, John Foster West, the author and college professor, and George Franklin McNeil, the compiler and publisher of abstracts and indexes of North Carolina documents.
So...stay tuned!
(P.S. Thanks to all of you who are following this blog.  Since June 30 when I began the blog, I have had 1000 hits!  Again, I would like to hear from you.)

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