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Thursday, November 17, 2011

DNA Tests – Great Discounts Currently Available

Presently, Family Tree DNA is offering discounted prices on its DNA test for males and females. The offer is available through the end of the year.  If you are a male or female West descendant, you may log into the site for the West Project at and learn about these tests and the discounted costs for them.

DNA tests for males and females provide different information.  For genealogical purposes, the Y-DNA37 test is recommended for males.  Matches among males in the Y-DNA test are highly likely to be related within the past 8 generations.  The test provides genealogically relevant matches and recent ancestral origins and helps to confirm a genealogical relationship with another male.  Unfortunately, females do not possess the “Y” chromosome and cannot participate in the Y-DNA37 test. 

However, both males and females can be evaluated with the Family Finder DNA test which is the one most often recommended for females.  Even though the information obtained by the Family Finder test is different from that obtained with the male Y-DNA37, the results will reveal matches that are related within about the last 5 generations.  In addition, Family Finder will provide percentages of the ancestral make-up including Native American and will help confirm close relationships regardless of gender.

A male with the West surname (who is the biological son of a male with the West surname) participating in the Y-DNA37 test can trace his West male lineage back about 8 generations.  The results from this DNA assessment will connect his paternal line.  This is the reason that the Y-DNA37 test is so significant for males.

A need exists for West males and females to participate in DNA studies in order to provide Wests from our lineage for comparative purposes.  If you are a male or female descendant of Alexander West II or John West, please consider participating in the West DNA Project through Family Tree DNA.

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