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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Isaac West, A Reply to Kellea

This post is in response to the comment on February 18, 2015, that Kellea made on my post, “Small Pieces of the Puzzle Contribute to the Whole—Alexander West (c1730),” dated May 1, 2014.

Kellea indicated that she believes that the daughter of Isaac West, Phereby West, who married James Reece, was her ancestor.  According to Kellea’s comment, Phereby West and James Reece were married in Lincoln County, North Carolina, for which a record may be found in  James died in 1837 in Todd County, Kentucky, and named Phereby in his will.  According to the 1860 Mortality Schedule, Phereby died in Humphreys County, Tennessee.

Since I wanted to share some of my research with Kellea regarding the Isaac West who may have been my 6th great uncle, I indicated that I would provide my comments in a new blog post.  Therefore, I am providing my response in this post.

Even though, I have never encountered him in my research, I have no doubt that Kellea is correct regarding her Isaac West and his daughter, Phereby.   However, as I have conducted research on the West family and the possibility that Isaac (1745-1814) and my Alexander West were brothers, I’ve found numerous Isaac Wests.  I do not believe that Kellea’s Isaac West is the same one who may have been the brother of my Alexander West.  

The Isaac West whom I believe to be my 6th great uncle (1745-1814) was married to Susanna Anderson.  He did have a daughter named Phoebe West (1770 SC-1868 Greenville, SC) who married Isaac Green (1762 Tryon, NC-1831 Greenville, SC).  I have researched in the Old Tryon Genealogical Society Library in Forest City, Rutherford County, North Carolina, attempting to find evidence of the John West who may have been the brother of my Alexander and also the brother of Isaac.

In the Old Tryon County Genealogical Society Library, in April 2014, I found an Isaac West who was in court records and land transaction records in Tryon County, North Carolina, in 1771, 1778, and 1779.   Tryon was divided into Lincoln and Rutherford Counties in 1779. An Isaac West is found in Lincoln (which may have been the same area in Tryon prior to the division of the county) in 1789, 1790, 1792, 1795, and 1797.  I was never able to determine who this or these Isaac Wests were.  They could have been the same man or different men by the name of Isaac West.  Since Killea’s ancestors, Phereby West and James Reece, were married in Lincoln County, North Carolina, one of these Isaac Wests could have been the father of Phereby.

The Isaac West who married Susanna Anderson was born in Orange County and had lived there and in Wilkes County, North Carolina.  He moved from North Carolina to South Carolina prior to the birth of their first child who was born in 1768.  The following children were born in South Carolina: Catherine, b 1768; Nancy, b c1769; Phoebe, 1770-1868; Susan, 1773-1841; Solomon, d 1864; Isaac, 1776-1864; John, 1776-a1827; Abner, c 1780-p1833; Robert Anderson, 1790-1856; Elizabeth, c1794-a1840; Sarah; and Mary.

A South Carolina deed of sale documents that an Isaac West purchased land on Richmond Creek in Newberry District, South Carolina, in 1778. In 1804 an Isaac West sold land in Newberry District, South Carolina, to his son-in-law, Isaac Green, who was the husband of his daughter, Phoebe West. The sale/deed was witnessed by Isaac’s son, John West, and Samuel Walker, who was John’s father-in-law.  John West was married to Sarah Walker.  After the sale of his property, Isaac and Susanna Anderson West moved to Dickson and Williamson Counties in Tennessee.   His wife Susanna died in 1810 in Dickson County, Tennessee.  After her death, he married a person known only by the name of Mary and had one child, George Washington West.  Isaac died in 1814 in either Dickson County, Tennessee, or in Shawneetown, Gallatin County, Illinois, where he was visiting. 
Green Plot and Tombstone
Isaac Green and Wife, Phoebe West
White Oak Baptist Church
Greenville, SC
Courtesy Find a Grave
Isaac and Susanna Anderson West’s daughter, Phoebe West and her husband Isaac Green are buried in the White Oak Baptist Church Cemetery in Greenville, South Carolina.

In an 1859 issue of De Bow’s Review, an article was published about Isaac West and his daughter, Phoebe.  The article describes Isaac as being an active participator in the Revolutionary War and living about one mile from King’s Mountain where that famous battle took place.  The article also describes Phoebe witnessing a tory strike her father on the head with a sword in their home.  I have not seen this article which circulates in family trees on the Internet and cannot substantiate it.  (De Bow’s Review, Volume XXVII, 1859, pp. 692-693)



  1. Hi I was just going through DNA matches that I have on ancestry. I match (as does my sister) the DNA of the descendants of Stephen West and Winnie (West) Fite both are children of Susannah Anderson and Issac West according to the trees on ancestry and in a book I found on Google. The book (there are more than one book) says Pherby West married __Reace. Stephen West was a witness of the marriage of James Reece & Pheriba/Feriba "Phereby" West 24 Jan 1797 Lincoln County, NC. One thing I noticed about the children of The Isaac West & Susannah Anderson is the name Jemima that keeps appearing in the children of The West's. My James Reece and Phereby West name their daughter Jemima Reece. So recapping would I match the DNA of 2 of Isaac West and Susannah Anderson ? If I was not descended through them? Do you have Winnie West who married Leonard Fite in your files..or Stephen West who married Mary Belk as children of Isaac West and Susannah Anderson. Also one other thing..Humphreys county neighbors Dickson County where Susannah is suppose to have died It would make sense that Phereby remained in the area her mother was. Let me know what you think

  2. I also just noticed I have a DNA match with Peter Anderson and Catherine Lynam's daughter Mary Anderson Brimberry a sister of Susannah Anderson West.

  3. Sorry I am going through matches on DNA right now and I just found another DNA match to the descendants of Barnabus" Barney" West son of Isaac West and Susannah Anderson brother of Phereby West Reece. So to recapp I match Stephen, Winnie & Barnabas West and Susannah's sister Mary West Bilberry..through DNA. Surely we cant all be on the wrong track?

  4. Kellea, I'm so glad you found my above post in which I replied to you. I'm equally as excited that you've found so many matches who descend from Isaac West and Susanna Anderson. If you will please send me your email in a post, I won't publish that post. However, I will be able to email you directly. Do you know or believe that you descend from Isaac West and Susanna Anderson? It certainly appears that you do. Let me know

  5. Kellea, I will get back with you regarding your questions which I can answer in this blog. I am not familiar with Susanna's sister, Mary Anderson Brimberry. That's quite interesting. I think I do have information on Barnabus and Phereby. When I researched last year in Old Tryon and Lincoln Counties in NC, I did find the Belks and Wests. I'll need to look up the information and will provide you with what I have.

  6. Kellea, Please send me your email through this blog post. I will not publish it. I can email you a descendants list for Isaac and Susanna Anderson West. I do not have Barnabus, Phereby, Steven, and Winnie among my descendants of Isaac and Susanna. However, when I was in Lincoln, Co, NC last year, I did find those names in court, tax, marriage, and land records. I didn't know at the time to which family they belonged. Now I think a picture is emerging. I found a Barney West who married Sally Wallace, Stephen West in the 1790 Lincoln Co, census, Stephen West who proved a property sale between Isaac West and John Bealk, Fereby West who married James Rees, Reuben West who married Susanna Belk d/o John Bealk, Barney West married Barbara Rumfelt, Salley West married Stephen Belt, etc. I think the Belk, Belt, and Bealk are different spellings of the same name. Again, please send me your email. Thanks.

  7. I believe Feriba "Phereby" West who is my ancestor who married James Reece was the daughter of Isaac West who married a Jemima unknown. I no longer believe that Phereby is a daughter of Isaac West who married Susannah Anderson. But I do believe that both Isaac's could be related as I have DNA matches to both of the descendants of both Isaac's. Maybe the 2 Issac's were cousins.

  8. Kellea, I believe that you are correct about Phereby not being the daughter of Isaac West and Susanna Anderson. I know that you have worked on this connection for a long time. If I ever find anything that will help you, I'll let you know.


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