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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It All Hinges on John West and Mary Madden!

Yes, it all hinges on John West and Mary Madden being the most recent common ancestor of Kevin and me.  In order to protect his privacy, Kevin’s last name will not be used.

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know that I am searching for the parents of my 5th great grandfather, Alexander West, who was born about 1730.  The preponderance of circumstantial evidence indicates that Alexander’s parents were John West and Mary Madden with his brothers being Solomon West, who married Isabella Boyd, and Isaac West, who married Susanna Anderson.

Recently, Kevin found this blog and contacted me regarding his ancestors, Isaac West and Susanna Anderson.  Of course I was most excited to communicate with Kevin, who graciously sent me information regarding his direct line from Isaac West and Susanna Anderson.  In addition, he provided additional information regarding the letter by E. C. Page that I published in my post of Dec. 3, 2014.

Kevin indicated that he, too, believes, but cannot prove, that John West and Mary Madden were the parents of his Isaac West who married Susanna Anderson.  It’s great to find someone else who shares my opinions, albeit, questionable!

Regarding my post of December 2, 2014, “A Transcription of ‘A History of the West Family as far Back to 1665,’” Kevin stated that some of the information in the letter is erroneous since some of the dates do not make sense.

Kevin provided me with a copy and transcription of the cover letter that accompanied that 1905 history of the West family.  The cover letter was addressed to Mrs. Sattie Smith and signed “Your Aunt E. C. Page.”   She wrote it on April 28, 1905, from Attala County, Mississippi.  Sattie was the nickname for Sarah Ann West who was the wife of Thomas White Smith.  Obviously, E. C. Page was her aunt.  However, Kevin does not know who E. C. Page may have been.  Sarah Ann “Sattie” was the great granddaughter of Isaac West and Susanna Anderson.

If, indeed, John West and Mary Madden are the common ancestors that Kevin and I share, we are 6th cousins once removed.  Thanks, Kevin, for contacting me and sharing information with me.  I hope that by working together we may find documentation to prove that John West and Mary Madden were the parents of Alexander, Isaac, and Solomon, and possibly a John.

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