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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Edy Is Alive and Well!

I am so excited to report that Edy is alive and well!  Recently, I heard from her through her 4th great granddaughter, Dolores!   Dolores descends from Edy’s daughter Leah Fowler.  Dolores and I believe that Edith “Edy” West WAS  the daughter of Alexander West, our 5th great grandfather.

According to my records and with help from Dolores in filling in some missing pieces,  I have the following information.  Edith was born about about 1772 and died on July 19, 1855 in Benton County Alabama.  She married Archibald “Archie” Fowler about 1790. He was born about 1758 and died in 1839 in Greenville District, South Carolina.  They apparently lived most of their lives in Greenville, South Carolina. The names of their children, spouses, and grandchildren were as follows:
·         Lavina “Vina” Fowler (1791-1864), married John P. Pool
·         twin Leah Fowler (1795-c1868), married John “Flint John” Mahaffey
o   Edith “Edy” Mahaffey
§  Alexander “Alec” B. Greer
o   Rachael Mahaffey (1795-1880), married Henry Middleton Greer
·         twin Rachael Fowler (1795-1880), married John J. Pike
o   Leah Pike
o   Joseph Mortemer Baltimore Pike
o   John W. Pike
o   Balus Pike
o   Commodore P. Pike
·         West Isaac Fowler (born c1880), married Margaret or Mary Hall
o   Alexander Fowler
o   William Fowler
o   James Fowler
·         twin Louisa Fowler (1801-1855), married Edmund Miller
o   Edmund Miller
§  Charles D. Miller, married Helen Ruth Johnson
o   Boston Miller
o   Caroline Miller
o   Willington Miller
o   Louisa C. Miller
·         twin Lucy “Luna” Fowler (1801-1840), married Tilman S. Miller
·         twin Mary Fowler (1805-1875), married James Evans
·         twin John Wesley Fowler (1805-1876), married Harriett Catharine Towers
·         Alexander W. Fowler (1811-1839), married Minerva Walker
o   John W. Fowler (1834-1922), married Mary Ann Bennett
o   Saria Jane Fowler
o   Infant Fowler (died at birth or shortly afterwards)
o   Eady Ann Fowler
·         Jesse “Jessify” Fowler, married Elisha Pike
·         Lovey Fowler, married Davidson Green Waldrop

In my email discussions with Dolores, I’ve learned that my suspicions about the perpetuation of family names among Edith’s descendants were correct.  Many of the West and Fowler names have been replicated in succeeding generations. From the West lineage we find the use of Alexander, John, Isaac, Balus, West, and Wesley.
How do these names relate to earlier Wests?  John West (c1691-c1780), who married Mary Madden, may have been the father of Solomon West (1726-1830), who married Isabella Boyd;  John West, Jr. (born c1728); Alexander West (c1730-p1790);  Mary West (b c1742), who married Hezekiah Collins; Isaac West (1745-1814), who married Susanna Anderson; and Eleanor “Nellie” West (1748-p1810), who married Alexander Barnhill.  John West and Mary Madden likely had two other daughters about whom we have no information.  It is thought that one, known only as “Miss” West, married Bray Crisp.
My 4th great grandfather, John West (1760-p1800), who married Margaret “Peggy” Witherspoon, was the son of Patriarch Alexander West. One of their sons was John Balus West whose son was Alexander Balus West.  My 4th great grandfather, John West (1760-p1800), and Edith West were siblings.  Isaac West (1745-1814) was their uncle. My 3rd great grandfather, John Balus West was Edith West’s nephew.  My 2nd great grandfather, Alexander Balus West, was Edith’s great nephew.  Are you thoroughly confused by now?

Nevertheless, the names Alexander, Isaac, John, and Balus are found in descendants of Edith West Fowler.  We see the following names perpetuated among her descendants:  her children - John, West, Wesley, Isaac, and Alexander; and her grandchildren – Alexander, John, Wesley, and Balus.

With this obvious connection between Edith West and Alexander West, how can we be wrong!

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