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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finding Edy

On February 28, 2012, I wrote “In Pursuit of Edy.”  Thanks to a dear blog reader, Anne, I have found Edy—but not the Edy I had hoped for!

Anne descends from Edith (Edy, Eda) West and Archibald Fowler through their daughter and son-in-law, Luna “Lucy” Fowler and Tilmon Miller.  Although without success, Anne tried to locate my Alexander.  She was so gracious to send me some material about Alexander West, Jr., who was the father of Edy West.

In her book Mrs. Allie Everhart-Miller indicated that Edy’s father was Alexander West, Jr.  She also stated that his father, Alexander West, Sr., was thought to have come from North Carolina.  Alexander West, Jr. had five children (Edith, Phoebe, Polly, Isaac, and William).  Mrs. Everhart-Miller described Edy as follows:

She lived at her father’s home near Greenville, S.C. at the forks of the Spartanburg and Laurens road.  She was fleshy and compactly built, light complexion, brown hair, hazel eyes, was remarkably industrious.  Her interest in domestic affairs never abated.  She was greatly interested in the stock and attended in a great measure to the young colts of which she was very fond.  The fine horses her husband owned, were in a great measure due to her care and attention.  Her character was that of a strong minded and consequently self willed, but was withal an agreeable and kind wife.[i]

During my research trip to South Carolina in July 2012, I found many Alexander Wests and John Wests.  As I mentioned in my July 7, 2012, blog, “My South Carolina Search for John West,” I found no evidence to connect any of those Alexanders and Johns to my Alexander West and John West.   Neither could I find any documentation that my Alexander West lived in South Carolina.  However, I do know that his son, John West, my 4th great grandfather, lived there for a short time.  Census records document that John West’s son John Balus West (born 1798) and daughter Melinda West (born about 1799) were born in South Carolina.

My Alexander West (I) did, indeed, have a son named Alexander West (II) who was often referred to in records as Alexander West, Jr. He is well documented in land records in North Carolina and in his Revolutionary War Pension Records and Widow’s Pension Records.  However, he married Hannah Langley and had children named Bethias, Margaret, Alexander, Elizabeth, Thomas Jefferson, and Mary.  Apparently, he lived in Wilkes, North Carolina, before moving to Burke (present Caldwell), North Carolina, where he spent the remainder of his life.  He has many descendants who have included him and his family in their family histories.

Even though I am so thankful for Anne’s helpfulness, I am still disappointed.  I have been searching for Edy for over a year and hoped that she would prove to be the link to my 5th great grandfather, Alexander West I.  Again, Anne, many thanks to you and best wishes in your genealogical endeavors!

[i] Everhart-Miller, Mrs. Allie, Everhart-Miller and Allied Families, 1931, pp. 170-171.

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