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Monday, July 18, 2011

Let's Communicate

Thanks to those of you who have checked out this blog.  As of today, I have about 100 hits, but, of course, I don’t know by whom.  I really would like to hear from you either by your posting a comment on the blog or e-mailing me directly.  Most of you probably have my personal e-mail address since I have corresponded with many of you.  I want the blog to be a venue for conversation and communication among the many of us who are descendants of Alexander West I or among those who are just interested.

Your comment may be positive or negative; I am open-minded and receptive to either.  You may have additional information, corrections, or an interesting story.  You may have questions about some of the content and would like further clarification. You may suggest another avenue for exploration through research.  Let me hear from you!   Thanks.


  1. Hi Charlotte, I came across your blog while doing some research and I found it very interesting. I do believe that there is a connection to the West/Knolley line here. This is what I have through my research:
    Anne Knolley/Thomas West
    Child: Thomas West b. 1577 m. Cicely Sherley
    Child: Anthony West b. 1605 m. Anne Barloe
    Child: Lt Col. John West b.1638 m. Matilda Scarb.
    Child: Alexander West b. 1663 m. Mary Robinson Hurtley
    Child: John West b. 1695 m. Agnes (Burton or Jones)

    I may be off base, but I have researched a lot. Please let me know what you think. Thank you, Mary Beth. Also, my sister and I went on a 3 week trip through the south about 6 years ago doing the very same thing. I agree, it was great!

  2. Hi Mary Beth,
    Thank you for your comment.
    For a long time, I thought that my line of Wests descended from Gov. John West and his wife, Lady Anne Percy, of Jamestown, VA. Gov. John West descended from the royal De La Warr Wests of England.
    When I could not make a connection with them, I researched the Wests of Accomack, VA. The Wests of Accomack descended from Anthony West and Anne Barloe Huffe through their son Lt. Col. John West and his wife Matilda Scarborough. Anthony West had apparently been an indentured servant. After he was released from his indenture, he returned to England and married Anne Barloe Huffe, a widow. After returning to Virginia, he received land at Accomack as an incentive to settle there. On Oct. 5, 1649, Capt. Randall Herle, a mariner, who had received the patent for the land, took Anthony, his wife and two children (John, who was later know as Lt. Col. John West, and Katherine) to Northampton County on the Eastern Shore (Accomack).
    No documentation indicates that the two families, that of Gov. John West of Jamestown and that of Lt. Col. John West of Accomack, are related. Also, Y-DNA testing which was done by my 2nd cousin 1R, a male with the West surname, does not match with any known descendants from either Gov. John West of Jamestown or Lt. Col. John West of Accomack. Therefore, I do not believe that my line of Wests is descended from Gov. John West or Lt. Col. John West.
    According to my findings, Thomas West/Anne Knolley and Thomas West/Cicely Sherley are of the royal line of Wests. Anthony West/Anne Barloe, Lt. Col. John West/Matilda Scarborough, Alexander West/Mary Robinson Hurtley, and John West/Agnes Burton are of the Accomack line of Wests. The Alexander West who married Mary Robinson Hurtley was born about 1665 at Accomack Co., VA. His will was probated on Jan. 3, 1728, Accomack Co., VA. His son John West who was born about 1695 died in January 1755.
    My Alexander West was born between 1720 and 1730 and likely died sometime after the 1790 census. His son Alexander West II was born in Orange County, NC, in 1751, and his son who was my 4th gr grandfather was born in Orange County, NC, about 1760.
    I do understand how difficult it is to try to unravel the mystery of the West families. I wish that more males with the West surname would participate in Y-DNA testing.
    Please read my blog post, The Confusion, on July 7, 2011, in which I have tried to explain my position as it relates to my West line and the Wests of Jamestown and Accomack and John, the Indian, West. The explanation I have in the July 7 post provides greater detail that I have given here. I have found the Miles Files to be very helpful with the Wests of Accomack and have cited them in my July 7, 2011, blog post.
    Your line of Wests may very well be descended from one of these families. Please keep me informed of your progress and let me know if I can be of further help. Also, let me know if you think that we are related. If you prefer to respond through e-mail, please provide your e-mail address in a blog reply. I will not post it on line. I have the option of posting or not posting comments from others in the blog.
    Again, thank you, for your comments. Good luck with your search.


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