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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More About the North Carolina John and Alexander Wests of the 18th Century

Early land, tax, and census records of Orange County, North Carolina, indicate evidence of two John Wests, who are listed in different ways (John West, John West, Sr., John Sen West, John West, Jr., and John Junior West) in Orange County, NC, which was probably in the area of the Hillsborough District: Stoney Creek  (another Stony Creek, not the one in Wilkes County), Crab Tree Creek, and Haw River.
These Orange County records also indicate evidence of an Alexander West who was probably the Alexander West born about 1720-1730, who could be the same Alexander who was the progenitor, of this West line of Wilkes County.
·         John West, Sr. is listed as grantor of land to Alexander West, the grantee, between 1752-1768.
·         John West and Alexander West are recorded in a land survey on Stoney Creek waters of Haw River in 1754. 
·         Alexander West is noted in the NC Early Census Index in Orange County in 1755.  
·         In 1769 in Orange County, Isaac West, presumed son of John West, married Susanna Anderson, the daughter of Peter and Catherine Anderson.
·         1787 land records indicate that Peter Anderson and his wife, Catherine, sold land on Stoney Creek which was adjacent to John West Senior.
·         These early Orange County records also indicate the presence of a Solomon West.
The following evidence from Wilkes County census, tax, and land records supports the presence of Alexander West in Wilkes County:
·         In 1755, Surry County and Wilkes County Taxables, references two Alexander Wests listed as taxables: Allexander West, Allexander West.  Since part of Surry became Wilkes in 1771, the land would have been in Surry County at the time of the 1755 survey.
·         In 1778, Alexander West is noted in land entry books of Wilkes County as receiving land on Glady Branch.
·         In 1778, Alexander West is noted as living adjacent to William Triplett on north side of Yadkin River.  [Stony Creek in Wilkes County feeds into the Yadkin River.]
·         In 1779, Alexander West is noted as receiving land on north side of a branch which ran through John Farbusons [Ferguson’s?] plantation.
·         In 1783, Alexander West is noted as being taxed for 30 acres, 0 Negroes, 2 mules/horses, 6 cattle in Capt. Kee’s District.
·         In 1784, Alexander West is noted as living adjacent to Daniel Sutherlin on Glady Fork.
·         In 1787, Alexander West is noted as receiving a land grant for 50 acres on both sides of Glady Fork with Isaac West and Bray Crisp serving as chain carriers [Was this Isaac West one of his sons or a brother? If he were a son, did Alexander name him Isaac after a brother?  Also, as an item of interest, I have been told by another on-line researcher that a Bray Crisp is noted at a later date in the South Carolina census records as living near a John West. Did Bray Crips move to South Carolina along with some of the Wests?  So many questions!]
In the 1790 Burke County Census Alexander West Senior is noted in the household with 2 free white males over 16 who would have been himself and his son Alexander West II (1751-1834).  Since he did not appear in this household in the 1800 census, one may assume that he died between 1790 and 1800.
Since an Alexander West appears along with John West, Sr. in land surveys and transactions, loosely documented assumptions may be made that John West, Sr. was the father of John West, Jr., Alexander West I, Solomon West, and Isaac West.  But, where is Alexander in the genealogies?  
I cannot sort it all out!  I am so confused!  Could two different Alexander Wests have lived so close together with so many common events during the same period of time?  If this supposition is valid, from which relative was the naming pattern for our Alexander established?  Was there not a common ancestor named Alexander?  Even Solomon West, who is a member of a supposedly unrelated line of Wests, named his son, Alexander who was born in 1776.
You can readily see my frustration.  I hope that someone can provide a clue to solve this mystery.


  1. My linage that I can prove is Alexander West b. 1844 Greene County, MO son of Ananias West son of Alexander West and Patience L Allen, who was son of Alexander West and Hannah Langly. Alexander West is suppose unproven to be son of Alexander West no wife know. Past that is a mystery!

  2. Yes, I agree. Our past is certainly a mystery! Thanks so much for your comment. I strongly believe that my 4th gr. grandfather, John West, was the brother of your gr.? grandfather, Alexander West(1751-1834)who married Hannah Langley. Of course, my belief is based solely on circumstantial evidence. I have traced your genealogy from Alexander West/Hannah Langley to your Ananias but have not gone any further with that line. I continue to be convinced that the naming pattern, with the use of Alexander throughout so many generations, is significant. My relationship with your Alexander who was born in 1844 would be 3rd cousin 3X removed. I have hopes that at some point in time a genetic relationship may be proved between your Alexander (1751-1834) and my John (1760-bef 1810). I continue to hope for a match with my 2nd cousin 1X removed who has participated in the Y-DNA test. I would like for us to share more information. Again, thank you for your reply.


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