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Monday, July 4, 2011

Why did I want to start blogging about my West family?

I have been intensely researching my West family for about two years.  I have public family trees with and participate in many message boards.  In addition, I have made many helpful contacts through e-mail and correspond periodically with these on-line friends.  Not surprisingly, most of them are “cousins.”

I have reached such a “brick wall” that I cannot proceed any further back into the West family history without much assistance.  Many people use social networks to make ancestral/genealogical contacts, but I, preferring a more formal, less newsy medium, am not a social network person.  A blog just seems right for my purposes; I can still write informally about my highs and lows as I research with the benefit of having others offer suggestions, comments, and corrections.  I will NOT be relating what I am doing at a given time or my plans for the weekend!   Of course, I hope to make many new blogging acquaintances, friends, and relatives with similar interests.  Perhaps, together, we can solve the mysteries surrounding Alexander West I and his son, John West.

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